Spend Your Summer With Barley’s Angels

I’ve been working hard to fill the summer schedule, and I wanted to let you ladies know what to expect when Chicago finally gets the summer we so desperately deserve. I’m doing my best to work with restaurants that have available outdoor space as much as possible. Without further ado, here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect in the warmer months ahead.

Not quite summer, but our next meeting is this coming Tuesday at Local Option. We’re featuring beers from the River North Distribution vault. I can’t tell you what we’ll have, for fear of all hell breaking loose. All I can say is it’s going to be good.

Wednesday May 15 – Fish Bar on Sheffield. They will be preparing 3 courses, and each course will be paired with two beers. I am thinking of turning it into a bit of a pairing contest, where guests can decide which beer worked best.

Thursday June 20 – Beer Bistro North on Fullerton Featuring a new Chicago brewery, Slapshot. ALSO we’ll have a super awesome special guest, Randy Mosher, author of THE book on beer, Tasting Beer. It’s going to be incredible.

Sunday July 21 – Beer Brunch at Smallbar on Division. This will be super informal, and will be more of a come as you are, no tickets sold ahead of time event. Details are coming soon on the menu and the beers.

Wednesday August 21 – Fountainhead with chef Cleetus Friedman. – I have no real details, other than it’s going to be awesome.! You know you love the fresh, sustainable and amazing food he makes. Come by and get a hug and kiss from Cleet!

Mark you calendars, and please check back at our events page. I will update details as they come in for these events.




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