We had a Firkin’ Good Time on Sunday! #WhatTheFirk2015

Firkin Fest at Headquarters Beercade in River North was so much fun! We were lucky enough to be next to some amazing breweries like Vander Mill Cider, Green Flash, Great Lakes, Metropolitan & Goose Island!

Firkin Fest2

We got to chat with some amazing ladies (and dudes!) and had a blast spreading the word about Barley’s Angels Chicago, learning about other women’s groups & new women-run breweries in the works and, of course, tasting some delicious firkin brews from these amazing breweries!

Firkin Fest

While everything we tasted was great, we had a few stand outs including an experimental ale from Goose Island called Bespoke, a blend of bourbon barrel-aged Barleywine and Belgian-style Dubbel, with an Aztec tea blend (Pu-erh and Honeybush Tea, Cinnamon, Cacao Nibs, Chocolate, Chili flakes). At first, we weren’t sure how these flavors would complement each other, but as usual, Goose Island hit it right on the mark. The beer was smooth and rich with just the right amount of “bite” to it.

Firkin Fest5

We also really loved Ale Syndicate’s Municipal IPA w/ Rooibos Tea, Great Lakes Dry-Hopped Rye of the Tiger, Lakefront Cherry Lager w/ Cocoa Nibs, Temperance Gatecrasher IPA w/ Thai Basil, Serrano Peppers & Lime and Empirical Infinity IPA w/ Lychee & Tropical Fruit. And if you like spice, the Green Flash Imperial IPA w/ Thai Basil & Thai Chiles will knock your socks off–in a great way 🙂

Firkin Fest4

Cheers to #WhatTheFirk will bring next year! Looking forward to #WhatTheFirk2016!


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