Barley’s Angels In The News

Barley’s Angels Chicago has been getting a lot of attention lately and we are excited to be part of this amazing community! Here’s what other folks have to say about us:

We’re among some amazing women breaking the stigma of a “woman’s palate”. Read on in RedEye here.

There’s a world of craft beer out there, and we want you to experience it all! Chicago Woman has the scoop here.

Shannan and Kylie were quoted in an article in Forbes about breweries greening their beer. Read more here.

Gaper’s Block was kind enough to sit down with us to chat about Barley’s Angels Chicago! Read more here.

Love Girl Scout Cookies? Love Beer? Check out our advice in Chicagoist on how to pair the two together!

We also are forever grateful to local beer pubs like Beeronaut and RedEye for including our events in its round-ups.

Some Older Shout Outs:

Kim Leshinski from Hail To The Ale mentioned us in her article that featured 13 influential women in Chicago’s Craft Beer scene.

Our April 2013 meeting, and some of our favorite Angels, were featured on CBS 2 news in a segment about women who love craft beer. Watch what happened when news anchor Kate Sullivan stopped by Local Option here.

Two Girls One Pint put together one amazing reel featuring our Valentine’s Day event with ManBQue. If you were there, now is a great time to reminisce! If not, take a peek at what you’ve missed below.

We like to start them young here at Barley’s Angels! Well, at least college aged! Our chapter garnered the attention of the Columbia College newspaper and they think the whole women in beer movement needs more attention. And we certainly agree.

Chicago’s Suburban newspaper, The Daily Herald, allowed a fellow lady beer enthusiast, Deborah Pankey, to do a feature on the different ways women can get involved in the new beer movement, from brewing, to just simply drinking. Check out her story here.


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